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Tricia Spencer is a Kansas fiddler who grew up on her family’s farm learning the tradition of old-time fiddling knee to knee from her grandpa and grandma, Vernon and Iona Spencer. 


 In her youth, she and her family traveled to fiddler’s conventions throughout the midwest where she learned from master fiddlers like Pete McMahan, Cyril Stinnett, Violet Hensley, Vesta Johnson, Lyman Enloe, Dwight Lamb, Amos Chase and Lucy Pierce. 


Tricia has won a bunch of contests, awards, and honors and has performed and taught at some of the most prestigious festivals and fiddle camps, but she’s such a true-blue midwesterner that she’s not going to brag about it here.


Tricia is known for her unique approach to seconding on the fiddle and is a teacher, artist, composer, author,  and multi-instrumentalist.

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