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"Tricia's garden grows some hearty organic nourishment for any fiddler's thought, be they novice or master. If you're a violinist or violin teacher who seeks to understand American traditional fiddling, this could be your Rosetta Stone."

–Dan Gellert


The Fiddle Garden is a book of concepts and lessons by noted master fiddler, Tricia Spencer. In this book, Tricia shows the intermediate and advanced fiddler or violinist how to better understand their instrument through ear training, two-finger chord shapes, and simple chord theory while also presenting a lifelong approach to studying the fiddle.


Tricia's unique method teaches about the two distinct aspects of fiddling: the melodic and the rhythmic. This new method of learning allows the reader to focus independently on two of the primary skills that are needed for good fiddling.


Although this book focuses on traditional American fiddling, also known as old-time, the concepts are applicable to any style. Teachers and students alike will find the contents and materials presented both practical and illuminating.

The Fiddle Garden (Book)

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